MORTEN has kept his incredibly innovative and trademarked sound ringing through platforms across the globe. Following his immensely successful release ‘Keep Me From You’ which gathered an audience of well over 3 million listeners on Spotify alone, MORTEN has released hit after hit. His ability to transform his music between melodic , captivating vocals and his well known, well recognized snare and bass heavy drops sets him apart from most artists.  MORTEN has graced the stages of some of the most prolific festivals in the U.S. including performances at Ultra Music Festival, EDC Las Vegas, Sunset Music Festival, Something Wicked, and Life In Color Miami. MORTEN continues to dominate the international music scene, performing at staples such as BIG SLAP and headlining Tivoli in Copenhagen. MORTEN has also held performances in Ibiza including a show at Pacha with David Guetta, and separate performances at Ushuaia with Avicii and Steve Aoki. MORTEN is taking on the summer of 2017 with his summer tour, making stops in Ibiza, Budapest, Allinge and Los Angeles as well as joining David Guetta on his summer tour in Pacha as well. With live landmarks pegged across the year, studio work alongside some of the most prominent producers in the industry and multiple high profile label releases, all signs point to MORTEN remaining a force to be reckoned with on the global dance circuit.